Monday, June 30, 2008

"Brokedown Palast"

I admit that it is already an outdated subject, that it's "vorbei" but the fate of Palast der Republik, DDR and the history behind segregated Germany and the recent unification have been haunting me again, recently. On a lucky coincidence I laid my hands on "Stasiland" for £3 and revived some Stasi insight I was faced with in my first-ever visit in 2005. Here's a video I came across today.

If you don't mind the funny accent and want to see how this building meant for some as something more than a symbol of bad memories, give it a shot. It tells about the process including the decision given by the German parliament (2003) to bring down the building, and what it is going to be replaced with.

I know there has been bunch out there dealing with Palast der Republik discussions over the last years, so if anyone's to throw in links/contacts about, you're more than welcome. In the meanwhile, I saw "das Leben der Anderen" for the 2nd time over the weekend, maybe it's time I try writing something in English after my lengthy review of it last year.

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