Sunday, June 22, 2008

a midsummer night's dream

Following is a recipe on how to spend most of 'longest day of the year (summer solstice)' in bed. Although this day does not necessarily mark the traditional 'midsummer festivities' (celebrated usually on June 24, or some other days of the week following June 21), my experience of June 21 this year was one of a 'waste of sunlight'. Here is a formula for a universal application of my experience, and I apologise if it sounds like a spoilt-kid's adventure but, I thought I'd share the fun, and I'm just trying to be 'ernesto' (as my true name also signifies). So here it is;

Ingredients: 1 June 21st (in the Northern hemisphere), 2 anti-migraine pills, 4 shots of B52, 4 pints + 4 bottles of beer, some illegal substance, 1 Turkish National Football team and a bunch of friends.

- On the night before June 21, a significant game (e.g.. a quarter final) of the Turkish Football team in an important tournament (e.g.. Euro 2008) is watched among a bunch of friends.
- As the Entropy of the environment increases (and all my engineer friends can bash me with my scientifically incorrect definitions), 4 pints of beer make their way down the throat.
- As the game closes, further drinking and dancing accompanies restless wandering around the city, getting shots of B52 here and there before heading for a final destination spontaneously decided on as making the way back home.
- As the owners of a bar in the neighbourhood closes for the night, they treat you with a few bottles of beer and some smoking material as one of them introduces his Greek-Armenian-Cypriot background (and there, you wouldn't want to turn his generous offers down as a Turk, would you?)
- Getting home safely on the bike, crashing into a bike that parked where you usually chain your bike, fall off the bike, doze off for half an hour on the side of the car on the pavement, wake up and make it to the bed.

Next morning (June 21):
- Waking up next morning, you find yourself under ice-cold shower remembering once how it helped to swim the next morning in the cold sea after a night of heavy drinking.
- Swallow 2 anti-migraine pills that can knock an elephant down for the whole day.
- Wake up around 18:00 the same evening, head down to the city to watch a Holland-Russia game, take it easy with 2 pints of shandy's instead and say farewell to a yet another June 21.

Prepare with utmost respect, and enjoy. Serve chilled.


viewfromawindow said...

Keep it easy boy!
When are you coming to my new house?

ömer said...

Whenever you invite my dear, I was in Bethnal Green quite a lot in the last week, would love to come around again.
Give me a call, I'm in town for the week...

Adrian said...


Can you recommend a bar where Turkish fans will be to watch the Turkey-Germany game this week?

Thanks, A

ömer said...

Well, apart from the regularly Turkish populated Stoke Newington, Hackney areas, you might find some Turkish crowd around Old Street.

I heard, particularly in "El Paso" (postcode: EC1V 9NQ) there has been significant Turkish crowds.

Good luck.