Sunday, January 18, 2009

No real chance of incentive for Obama in the Middle East, for the time being

I was arguing recently that the Israeli offensive over Palestine would stop a day or two before Obama's first day at the White House. Today, a ceasefire has been announced and whether this holds for a mid to long term or not is unclear, it leaves Obama without a clear chance to voice his opinions over the issue. This is, I believe, what he and the Israelis could agree the most easily on. I actually believe this is a move by Israel, to relieve pressure on Obama.

Now that the offensive is over for the time being, Obama will not be asked the following question:
"What action will you consider concerning the war in Palestine?"

The Jewish lobby may or may not have a superior influence over Obama, just yet. If Obama were to be asked this question, he would either have to give away from the global support he receives and the hopes of those wishing for peace and stability in the Middle East. The other option would be to denounce the Israeli politics, which Obama would not necessarily like to do, or not even have the incentive to do so.

In this case, one can imagine a mid-term ceasfire whereby Obama will be allowed to elaborate on his prior issues such as the global financial crisis. In the meanwhile, Israel will hold its national elections and probably seek to calm the waters until the next time when they can have a more soumd (or silenced, shall I say?) support from Obama for their next move.

Discussions will follow over the course of the next few days, and I am not expecting another offensive for Israel at the moment, despite what their population is feeling. In the end, does anyone really have the incentive to do anything about what the subjects of the offenders, and the sluaughtered have been feeling?

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