Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A great desire

There are things in life that I have never been able to perform well at. Among these numerous activities, painting is one. Actually, I cannot even draw a proper line. My mother sent me to drawing courses when I was a small child, only to be told that I could not use my fingers properly because I was hyperactive or something. I was never able to write properly neither. I guess it is something one develops with patience. Therefore, I was never a big enthusiast in applied physics neither (although I loved mathematics). I could never dream of becoming an architect, without even developing a proper mindset of thinking beyond double dimensions.

If I could paint, however, I would like to paint the description in the following sentence:

"Acquaintances described Weaver as "basically a loner" who went every day to the counter of a hotel restaurant to eat a sandwich for lunch by himself".

A proud black man with his black suit, white shirt and striped tie, in his mid 50's, gained some weight over the years added to his proud career between the humble liberal idealism and indifferent bureaucratic conformism. He unwraps the package of his egg-mayonnaise sandwich and the gentle wrinkles of his face reflect from the plastic packaging of the sandwich (were there plastic back then, I'm not sure?). A Hopperesque depiction of the decaying loneliness of a key man, the first ever black PhD Economist of the nation...

This quote comes out of an article written about Robert Clifton Weaver, a prominent Afro-American economist of the 20th century who has done important work for non-segregated housing. Thanks to Lara for providing me this article.

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