Monday, November 24, 2008

Write. Weekend.


Thursday. Meet in Bethnal Green. Take a bus, take a train. Small quarrel. Arrive Alexandra Palace. Clear skies, fantastic views of London over the hill. Get over the fight. Smoke. Get high. Walk in. Watch Sigur Ros. They blow your mind. Distortion, melancholia, heavy drums. Rain effects onto the stage. Listen to Sigur Ros. Get even higher.

Friday. No work. Rent a car. Start driving, small tension. Move out of the house. No new house. Dump the stuff. 2 rounds to move houses, take the whole evening. Increasing tension. Settle the tension, go to sleep.

Saturday. Leave house. Take housemates, go to Broadway Market, fetch food, drop the housemates. Leave for the road.

Take A3. Incredibly beautiful skies. All colours on clouds and trees. Arrive in Portsmouth. Walk on the waterfront. Play arcade games in the Pier. Win tickets. Buy a bubble maker. Portsmouth, bombed-down city, regenerated port, modern architecture, Saturday evening loneliness. Freezing cold.

Leave Portsmouth. Change drivers. Drive 100 miles. Arrive Exeter. Call the hostel in the forest. No vacancy. Call a hostel in the city. Check-in, drop luggage, explore Exeter at night. Go to a gay club, dance half and hour. Leave. Walk around the old town. Cute, small, young population. Saturday night out people. Walk back to the car. Check the nearby pub. Live music over. Drink 2 whiskey-cokes each. Man in the pub, take 2 steps back, fart out loud into the pub. We are disgusted. Man fart again. Silent but even stinkier. Leave the pub. Go to sleep.

Sunday. Leave the fart-town, Exeter. Take M5, leave for Bristol. Change plans. Arrive in Glastonbury. From fart-town to hippy-town. Walk around. Attend a baptism ceremony in the church. Go to a hippy-cafe. Have brunch. See hippies on the street. Leave hippy-twon Glastonbury.

Arrive in Bath around 13:30. Beautiful town. Simply beautiful. Drive around. Park in the centre. Go to the Spa Centre. Last entry at 19:30. Have 6 hours. Start wandering around. Victoria Gallery, Prior Park, riverside, Guildhall Market (closed on Sunday), and a delicious vanilla-chocolate-chunk-fudge. Bath on 7 hills. Walk. Tension. Increasing tension. Walk. Fight. Get over it. Have dinner.

Go to the spa. Steam room, hot showers. Go to the rooftop. A rooftop pool with hot water, and a night skyline of Bath whilst swimming. See the tower of the Cathedral in swimming suit. Back to the Steam room. Leave Bath. Change drivers. Terrible migraine attack. Drive 2 hours with a migraine attack. Back to London. Take a pill, sleep like a baby.

Finish. Monday. Back to work. Think over the weekend:

Angelic Sigur Ros, exhausting house move, walk along the waterfront in Portsmouth, farting man in the pub in Exeter, hippy brunch in Glastonbury, rooftop night-spa in Bath...

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