Thursday, November 06, 2008

Never leave Berlin

Continuing geographically and thematically from an earlier post, I will tell a recent story from Berlin.

Berlin has played a significant part of my life's last-minute adventures. Apart from my first trip there (which is the one briefly mentioned at the end of the previous post), I always had funny encounters of travel. Once I was flying back to Istanbul from Berlin whilst doing my Exchange study in Aarhus, Denmark and after a 8-hour bus ride into Berlin I almost missed my flight because I had one too many beer in a bar with a new friend I made during the bus ride. Following that, my last two visits were marked by missing my flights back to Istanbul because of the same pattern: The S9 train to the station would break and the taxi I would take from there on would never exceed the speed limit and I'd miss the flight. Needless to say, I never allowed enough time for bad luck in these occasions and was responsible for missing the flight. This last time last week, the story was different:

My 4th visit re-established my love of the city. Whilst trying to make the most out of it, I was out in the east part of the town in Warschauer Strasse until around 2.30 AM. I got back to my friend's house in the west at 3:30 AM to fetch my stuff and have a 1-hour sleep. At 4:45 AM I was at the bus stop to get to the S-Bahn to take the famous S9 again. I was on time, everthing went smoothly and at 6AM, I was at the check-in desk for the 7:15 AM flight. The lady at the check-in desk gave me a knocking surprise:

"You are too early in fact. Your pilot is sick and the flight is re-scheduled earliest for 12:00".

With a 1-hour sleep early in the morning, I was not in the best mood to handle any bad jokes. After not believing her (why should I not believe the check-in staff), and asking some other officials, I had to accept this fate. Thankfully, I found a good companion to chatter until we set foot at London. However, despite all my good attempts of leaving Berlin on time, I failed once again to reach the desired destination at the appointed time.

This time I did not ask for it, but Berlin was simply trying me once again:

"Are you sure you want to leave me?"

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