Thursday, March 18, 2010

do your homework

I just received the following email from the Human Resources Department of the office I work at:


Following an update to the Prevention of Illegal Working: Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2008 that came in to force on 29th February 2008, we are now required to carry out repeat checks of your documents showing your entitlement to work in the UK every twelve months.

Our records show that you commenced employment on 01 July 2008.

Please bring evidence of your entitlement to work in the UK into the HR Reception, Room W100, First Floor, Tower Three, by 12th of April 2010 for us to make the annual check.

Please see our website for detailed information on why it is important that we retain a copy of documents proving your entitlement to work in the UK:

If you do not produce documents to establish your ongoing entitlement to work in the UK, your contract with the School and your salary payments may be affected.

Please note that if these documents are not produced we may also contact the UK Border Agency Employer Checking Service to verify your continued entitlement to work in the UK.

Here is my response:

I will bring the passport over, but don’t you already have a copy of my Work visa? That should clearly state the validity of my work permit. I’d be happy to hear why non-EU residents have to go through such practices when all their records are kept at the respective authorities? This should be a co-ordination work between the HR of the relevant organization and the Home Office. I’d be happy to hear how this system is not able to maintain itself.

Why the hell, do we then have to go through interrogations every time we enter this country, every time we want to receive services that we are entitled to? Are you so confused because you've created so many different layers of mental panopticons? If this is the system you've decided to come up with and entangle yourselves, please do your homework before asking others to tidy up behind yourselves.

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