Wednesday, September 09, 2009

queen anne winked at me...

or so I thought. but it did not matter. then i turned left, walked through the square, and in between the modern bricked animated building on the left, and the modern glass and steel building on the right, the dome of the st. paul's shone through the moon light. the clouds waned away. then i walked through an alley way. england pushed forward down the left flank, the croatian defense struggled. they were the first people in the last 15 minutes, voices of whom i could not hear, figures of which i could not choose. the blue light disappeared and i was gresham street. king street met guildhall and there stood noone but a beautiful silence of the City in a breezy autumn right. coleman street leads to Great Swan Alley, only if you can follow your feet. the wind will fill your light red jacket, a row of desktop computers in well-lit, empty office buildings will keep you warm, because you are away from their cold. he looked puzzled in front of the 2 Copthall Avenue, the fluorescent moonlight blue did enough to draw him near and i was bemused by the building behind. abundance of redeveloped office space, a masoleum of ivory loneliness. turned right on the end of the street to greet tower 42. moorgate runs a few late evening cabs, a guaranteed same day delivery of bonds and equities to their studio homes up in the north. they are all going home, but i have just arrived to one. swerve through austin friars and in through pinnar's passage. let them go their way, the suits on the x axis, and the tower spines on the y axis. just take a lonely walk, an unexpected one, through the City, on any evening or a dull Sunday. sit on the stairs of the cathedral, love London, and send my regards to queen anne.

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